411’s Music in Turkey

411MG_Logo_Lg_TallElec-Trip We are pleased to announce that 411 has teamed up with Elec-Trip in Turkey!  They will be representing our catalog throughout the territory, and we’re excited to have them on board. Elec-Trip is a multifaceted music production company that first came to life in 2002 under the name of Elec-Trip Records.  Within five years the company grew to include three other departments, namely, Elec-Trip Jingles, Elec-Trip Booking and Elec-Trip Publishing.  Elec-Trip Publishing controls the publishing rights of composers, songwriters and arrangers in and outside of Turkey, promotes their tracks to remix, compilation and to jingle markets nationally and internationally.  Elec-Trip Publishing is also collaborating with various international offices to provide song clearances for the Turkish territory.  Companies who wish to link their brands to music (via in-store music use, compilation albums, jingles, events, etc.) receive full service or consultation services via Elec-Trip Publishing.  The reputable and renowned music libraries represented by Elec-Trip Publishing include Grammy award winning  movie, TV show and advertisement composers.  Selected musical credits include movies such as “I Am Legend” (Will Smith), “The Guardian” (Kevin Costner & Ashton Kutcher), “You and Me and Dupree” (Owen Wilson & Kate Hudson), and TV series such as “One Tree Hill”, “My Name Is Earl”, “Madmen”, “The Wire”, “Chuck”, “Army Wives”, “The Tonight Show”, “Dirt”, “The Office”, “General Hospital” and “30 Rock”.

Contact:  Elec-Trip (Füzyon Müzik Yapım Tanıtım Reklam Org. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.) Ceviz Sokak, No:2, 34345-Arnavutkoy, Istanbul TURKEY E: contact@elec-trip.com T: +90 212 358 62 22 F: +90 212 358 62 25