The Musical Side of Education

Kristen Agee with Students at LACM

Education matters! 411 is devoting time to spreading music knowledge to classrooms across SoCal. During a course at Los Angeles College of Music taught by Sugarcult’s Marko DeSantis, 411’s Founder and CEO, Kristen Agee, gave some candid advice to budding musicians and songwriters. Students learn the ins and outs of songwriting in DeSantis’ Songwriter/Music Business Master Class. At the class, Agee conveyed the pitfalls, challenges and game changers in today’s music market. This was her second trip back to LACM. Just a month ago, Agee critiqued performances at a showcase for Jackson Allen’s class, which focuses on songwriters performing original songs on guitar. “I was amazed at the talent level coming out of this school,” Agee remarks. “Participating in educational programs not only gives students insight into the inner workings of the business, but it also gives us feedback on new music and trends. The music and tech worlds change so rapidly, I download just as much information from the students as they do from me.”

411’s Director of Creative Sync Licensing, Sarah Scarlata, has also previously offered feedback at DeSantis’ course. After giving a rundown on music licensing, she listened and gave some pointers on the student’s original material, which will hopefully help kickstart their careers. Scarlata noted, “It was such a pleasure speaking at the LA College of Music and meeting so many talented composers and songwriters. My background as a high school Drum Line/Pit instructor and private drum teacher taught me the powerful and positive impact music education has on a person, regardless of career path. Sharing the love of music and business aspects of the industry is a true gift and inspiring at every level.”

Sarah Scarlata at LACM

Sarah Scarlata with Students at LACM

Agee also makes guest appearances at Kristin Summers Music Supervision class at Belmont University West and hosts sync workshops and panels at various conferences around the world, including MIDEM, Sync Summit and Durango Songwriters Expo.

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Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) prepares students to be leaders in music and offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees and Diploma programs in Music Performance, Music Production, Songwriting, Composing for Visual Media and Music Business. Located in the heart of the music and entertainment industries, the faculty is comprised of current leading music professionals with a passion for inspiring the next generation. LACM is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and was recently named one of “The 20 Best Music Conservatories in the U.S.” by

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