Erik Aho At FOX Studios Scoring Stage

The 411 team had the pleasure of attending a scoring session at the Newman Scoring stage at Fox studios this week.  The exceptionally talented Erik Aho composed, conducted and led a 75 piece orchestra recording his own original music. You know Erik’s work from such shows as Family Guy, American Dad, Blood Relatives, The Amazing Race and The Bachelor, among others.  Erik has orchestrated for some of the largest orchestras in television history and, in addition to his television work, has composed music for numerous critically acclaimed and commercially successful video games and independent films.

In the summer of 2013, chosen from hundreds of composers worldwide, Aho was invited to attend ASCAP’s prestigious Film and Television Composer’s Workshop and became the 2013 recipient of the ASCAP Foundation’s David Rose Award.  In addition, after being selected by 60 first-call film musicians in Los Angeles, Aho was also awarded the RMALA grant.

It’s a great honor to work with Erik and represent several of his original compositions in the 411 catalog.  To hear his compositions, click on the photos of the scoring session below:
Newman Music Building FOX Scoring Stage