411 Music Group Signs Onyay Pheori

Alley Kinney 4 too

Onyay Pheori is a vocalist, violinist, recording & performing artist and actress. She is currently in the studio recording with inspiring musicians and producers in a range of styles for film and television, including her dreamy, down-tempo project, her melodic alternative rock band and her other-worldly solo album.  She has been performing with MASS Ensemble/The Earthharp Collective in festivals and performing arts centers all over the world, including The Great Hall in Shanghai, La Parroquia for the La Calaca Festival in San Miguel de Allende, TEDx Kansas City, GATE and The Wanderlust Festival to name a few.  Onyay recorded violin on a bonus track for grammy winning Herbie Hancock’s “The Imagine Project” and shot a music video, “Visitation”, with a mystical and environmental theme, which appeared in the Portraits Assignment at Flatbed Press in Austin, Texas.  She also wrote and recorded “The World is Ready” with grammy winning producer, Jeff Bova, that was used in the tck tck tck campaign’s International celebrity PSA raising awareness for climate change.

Onyay’s experimental lyrics and hypnotic melodies explore love, loss, longing, bliss, sensuality, intimacy, freedom, illusion, consciousness,the peaks, the valleys and the journey of being human in a forever changing world.