Real World Up the Ante with 411 Artists for “Skeletons” Premier

Real World Skeletons 2014

In the thirtieth (yes, 30th) season of MTV’s Real World, the stakes couldn’t be higher.   Each week, one cast member will be faced with people from their past (“skeletons”) who they have unresolved issues with relating to family, romance, work…there are even some stalkers in there. Unlike the previous season, the surprise guests will live in the house for only one week. And, what better way to launch the new season than with amazing 411 talent! The first episode premiered on December 16, 2014 and featured three 411 songs, including “Warning” by Dino, “Rollercoaster” by Luke Carpenter and a featured placement of “Live Your Life Be Free” by DJ Andy Viva featuring Pit Bailay as the vocalist. Episode two featured “Live Your Life Be Free” again, because the audience couldn’t get enough the first time around! Airing tomorrow, episode three will feature two more 411 songs, including “Shake My Body” by Michelle Delamor and “Runaway Girl” by the great Eric Nicolau, who you may recognize from Allstar Weekend or Glee.

Stay tuned to future episodes of Real World to hear more music from 411!