411 Releases Tracks by World-Renowned EDM Producer FTAMPA

World-Renowned Brazilian DJ FTAMPA










World-renowned Brazilian DJ and EDM Producer FTAMPA’s tracks can be heard around the globe.  As he climbs the Beatport charts, huge acts like “Knife Party” and “DJ Hardwell” are spinning his tunes.   FTAMPA is the guy whose songs get tens of thousands of plays just days after uploading them to Soundcloud, and his music is not to be missed.

FTAMPA started playing keyboards at the age of 13, and at 18, he learned to play guitar.  He naturally progressed to becoming a DJ and producer because of the infinite possibilities that came with the territory.  Within six months, he produced his first EP which was released on a sub-label of Plasmapool.  He has released a string of incredible productions through some of the biggest record labels currently in the game, such as Bazooka Records, BugEyed Records, Big Fish Recordings, Sick Slaughterhouse, Burn The Fire, among others.  This is merely the beginning for this fantastic producer.  With major happenings on the horizon, it seems FTampa is unstoppable.

411 is proud to present “Babylon” and “Electro Move”: