Are you ready for the Freak Owls?


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If you have not already heard the music of the Indie Rock phenomenon, “Freak Owls”, then you’re missing out on what will be a huge piece of the Indie Music Scene of 2014.  Get ready for these guys.

411 Music Group proudly presents “Taxidermy” and “Orca City”, two very inspired albums that urge the listener to curl up and sing along.  You are sure to have a very personal and uplifting experience full of smiles and moist eyes.  Freak Owls will warm the heart and chill the spine.

Freak Owls are on the road and continuously expanding their unique blend of Indie Rock to cities around the US, as well as festivals in the U.K., Canada, and as far as Latvia.  After selling out their first run of CDs, they received a number of major songwriting nominations, including “The John Lennon Songwriting Contest”, “SongCircle” and “100% Music” Songwriting Competitions.

In the latest release, “Orca City” takes you through the soundtrack of an imagined city built on the back of a Melvillian-like beast.  This concept album has great intensities and small intricacies.  The songs evolve from minimalistic guitars and bells to a bombastic amalgam of drum and bass, strings and vocal polyphony.  By far the most adventurous release from the band, the roots are still underfoot, and they feel comfortable in their new shoes.

You can hear Freak Owls’ songs in the 411 Music Group Featured Artist Series.  Here is a preview of a few of their tracks: