411 Music Featured in Major International Campaign

Beanpole Outdoor
Kim Soo-hyun featured in BeanPole’s new Outdoor Ad Campaign

BeanPole is making headlines with its new commercial featuring South Korean actor, Kim Soo-hyun. Best known for his roles in TV dramas “Dream High”, “Moon Embracing the Sun” and “My Love from the Star”, as well as the movies “The Thieves” and “Secretly, Greatly”, Kim Soo-hyun has been representing the BeanPole brand since 2012. The company is receiving a lot of acclaim with its new commercial, revealed on October 17th, which is more like a movie than an ad. This unique 3 minute and 12 second fashion spot is set in an icy and magical winter landscape where Kim Soo-hyun mourns the loss of a great love and, in the end, opens up to new horizons.  The song “No More Waiting”, is featured throughout the entirety of the campaign, including behind-the-scenes videos of the “making of” and four different 20-second cuts of the ad. 411 co-founder, Kristen Agee, and ethereal Pop/Alternative Artist, Onyay Pheori, wrote the song, which features pensive and emotionally charged lyrics, strings, and a featured violin solo at the opening. With over 1,500,000 YouTube views in a couple of weeks, this ad seems to be making major waves in the Korea market and throughout the world.

You can find Onyay Pheori‘s new EP “No More Waiting” on iTunes