Ambient and Horror, Oh My!

We are excited to release two brand new albums- “Ambient” and “Horror”!!  The 411 Ambient album features thoughtful, contemplative, deliberate and consoling underscore that will create the perfect landscape for your sincerest of scenes.  The album was written by multi-instrumentalist, Dann Torres, and Pittsburg based composer, Joseph Rusnak.  Torres’ works are defined by attention to detail, texture and emotion.  You can hear such detail in tracks like “Contemplation”, “Regrets” and “Dark Relapse”.  Rusnak writes in a myriad of styles, including Electronic music of various genres, Orchestral, Pop, Dramatic, and Hip Hop.  His variation in style is apparent in tracks such as “Textures of Night”, “Awakening”, “Machine” and “The Physical World”.









You may also listen to Rusnak’s score in the haunting album, “Horror”.  Horror’s ghastly sounds of trouble and despair can be heard in the screeching violins, eery drones and startling effects on this underscore album.  This one’s a nail-bitter!  Listen and feel the audience’s discomfort and terror.   Also featured on this album is composer extraordinaire, Greg Pajer.  In addition to “Horror”, you’ve heard his exceptional work on the “Contemporary Orchestral” album featured in the 411 catalog.