411 Artist Division

Albums & EPs from artists in a variety of styles.

411 Compilations

Compilations of vocal and underscore tracks in a variety of styles.

411 Trailers + Sound Design

Compilations of instrumental tracks from Trailer composers and Sound Design cues.

411 Music Group

Commercial label.

42 Records

Imprint of Italian catalog Preludio with albums from Indie Rock artists.

7Style Music

7us Music

German catalog with albums from Pop and Rock artists.

902 Hip Hop

Commercial label.

Adonys 5-1

French catalog with albums from Pop and Rock artists.

Algo Records

Commercial label.

Alternative Reality

Underscore albums spanning a variety of genres.

Amadea Music Productions

Amplitude Music Group

Amplitude Music Group is a boutique catalog specializing in trailer music and sound design.

Atom Music Audio

Bulgarian catalog featuring Trailer/Advertising music Р cinematic, epic, and building.

Audio Fever

German catalog featuring dramatic underscore.

BeatChamber Records

Compilations of vocal songs from Latin and Hip-Hop artists, as well as Latin and Hip-Hop underscore.

Beats Bakery

Underscore albums spanning a variety of genres.

Blue Sun

Vocal albums from Russian artists, composers.

Candy Flip

Singles, EPs, & Compilations from EDM producers.


Italian catalog with Underscore albums from composers in a variety of styles.


Compilations of vocal songs from Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B artists.

DearBrand Production

Dirty Water Records

Commercial label.

Dunstan Music

Label / Publisher.


Commercial label. Pitching only.

Final Cue Music Library

Compilations of instrumental tracks from composers in a variety of styles.

Fold Music

Full Clip Music

Albums from Hard Rock production team Full Clip Music.

Ghost Town Artists

Norwegian catalog with albums from Rock artists.

Goods & Cargo

Canadian label with filmscore albums.

Green Zebra Music

Albums from artists in a variety of genres.

Hatrax Records

Albums & EPs from EDM producer Hatiras.

HD Music Now SFX

HDMN Prime

Vocal Production Music and Underscore from HDMN Prime.


Albums from Korean label Hi-Five.

I'm Not A Machine Music

Selection of albums from British and American artists and producers.


Commercial label.

Jambaar Muzik

Independent production music label.
Authentic songs and instrumentals. Great songs from 90’s Hip-Hop to modern rap music, electro, Afro beats, indie, pop & more.


Compilations of vocal and instrumental tracks from Hip-Hop artists and producers.

LAB Machine

Based out of Southern California, LAB Machine produces various styles of modern, trendy music for TV, promos, trailers, films etc.

Leaf Music

Classical albums from Leaf Music, a label from Nova Scotia.

Little Wren Music

MadeByUs Music

A diverse creative production label specializing in authentic artist-quality Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and Soul Songs and Instrumentals.

Melville Music

Commercial label.

Mindframe Media Group

Compilations of vocal songs from Hip-Hop artists.

Music Mail Publishing

German catalog with albums and EPs from EDM producers.

No Sheet Music Cover Songs

Commercial label.

Orange Juice Media Digital Group

Italian catalog featuring Electronica, House, EDM from various artists.


Albums, EPs, & Compilations of vocal songs and underscore in various styles.


RipCue Music

Growing cross genre catalogue from Germany with a story driven approach.

Scorebuzz Music Library

Diverse underscore label.

Shadetree Publishing

Vocal Production Music, Underscore.

SMILE Records

Commercial label.

Straight Up

Commercial label.


Uncommon Music

Underscore albums for film, TV, and advertising.

X-It Music

Sound FX and Underscore.