Ida Stein Featured on Norwegian Film

04_Cynergi Film & TV






The mesmerizing and passionate vocals of Ida Stein are sure to hit a nerve and are not easily forgotten. It’s no wonder this Norwegian Artist was sought out for a new film project created by RVTS and Cynergi Film & TV. The film was commissioned by the Regional Trauma Center in Southern Norway and is being used for a good cause. The concept is to help women and children get out of and recover from violent relationships. Much like the music itself, this video hits a nerve. The song “Moonbeams” combines Heartfelt and longing female vocals with Harp and Organ to create a venerable and childlike feel with an underlying sense of darkness and pain. The subject matter is delicate and complex, which is mirrored by the song lyrics and tone. The video itself encompasses sadness and is difficult to watch, but will be used as a learning tool and help to impact the lives of many.