411 Signs International Label, Ghost Town Artists

Ghost TownWe are pleased to announce that 411 is now representing the
Norwegian label “Ghost Town Artists” in the sync world!
411 signed a Worldwide deal with Ghost Town last month,
and we’re very happy to have such incredible talent on board.
With amazing artists such as Ida Stein, Phillie, Beautybag, Pelagic,
Bjorn Olav Edardsen, Tripod, Johnny Kahlua and Depui,
this impeccable roster is as diverse as it is unique and has
incredible potential in the sync and digital markets.



Ida SteinIda Stein: Mesmerizing and sincere, the music and vocals of
exceptionally talented Ida Stein are sure to hit a nerve.
Mixing Ambient and Electronic elements with her reflective and
reminiscing vocals, Stein creates a sense of vulnerability and
passion in her music that has a unique and lasting form of it’s own.
“Off on a Comet” and the title track “Remnants of a Dream” have
received critical acclaim and showcase her Indie Artist originality.
Her lyrics tell a story, her words can’t be forgotten, and her
music leaves a lasting impression of imagination and wonder.



BeautybagBeautybag:  What can we say about Pop Folk artist “Beautybag”?
This album is just great.  Clever, interesting , relatable,straightforward-
their tunes are simple and easy on the ears, yet surprisingly profound and deep,
with trance-inducing instrumentation and clear picturesque vocals. Writer and
performer, Richard Nygard, studied Fine Arts in Antwerp and returned home with a
suitcase full of music. Together with his band, “The Beautybag”, he released their
debut album “Heavy Luggage”.  The music focuses on the young man’s encounter
with urban Europe, where distance relationship, enthusiasm and restlessness is the
theme for the Hamsun-like protagonist. With tracks like “Heavy Luggage”, “A Day in
the Sun” and “The Wild Choir”, Beautybag will leave you thinking about their message
and have you listening to the album in its entirety over, and over..and over again.


DepuiDepui: Depui is a formidable songwriter and performer, and a force to be reckoned with.
His voice is raw, his riffs are unwavering, and his lyrics are adamant.
A mix of Worldly guitar riffs, Balkan rhythms and Alternative Rock progressions,
Depui is creative and dosen’t fit into the mainstream box.  His vast musical range
may be attributed to his love and knowledge of many genres of music.
As the CEO of Ghost Town Artists, Bent Ivar Depui is smart, artistic and worldly.



Phillie - Love With FearPhillie: Throwback 80’s inspired Rock at it’s finest!  If you’re looking
for that Heavy Metal 80’s, Fist-Pumping Arena Rock sound, look no further!
Combining a modern sound with old school guitar riffing and rhythm,
Phillie’s sound can be described as “pulverizing rock” with a few clean edges.
Phillie brings in guest vocalists such as Magnus Fyen, Jenny Johannessen and
our very own Depui, which gives a nice variety of sound to each title.
You can find these guys pillaging the clubs in Europe and should
head over to The Roxy when they’re done!



Congratulations to all Ghost Town Artists and to 411 Music Group for their new collaboration!