Dancing in the ‘Dam

Well, you can’t do everything right, but dancing all night to your favorite DJs is definitely doing it right…especially in Amsterdam during their annual Electronic Dance Music event.

In October, 411’s Founder, Kristen Agee, traveled to Amsterdam to attended ADE, the leading electronic music platform and biggest club festival in the world. 450 events, 2,200 artists and 375,000+ visitors filter into the city for this 5-day festival, including the biggest global EDM artists, labels, publishers and streaming platforms.

“The party doesn’t start until after midnight,” says Kristen Agee of 411 Music Group. “Your favorite DJs aren’t even on until 3 or 4 am. Most people get home around 8 or 9 am, sleep all day, then get up and do it all again. Business by day, but music by night.” ADE is quite the experience, especially for a first time EDM festival-goer and Agee recommends attending at least once.

Spotify, in partnership with the NMUV, gathered up-and-coming writers and DJs to create brand new tracks; then brought in labels, publishers and the Spotify team who curates the hottest electronic music playlists to get a sneak peak of the hits in the making. This video shot during the writer camp and listening session illustrates why Amsterdam serves as the backdrop for ADE and continues to be a major player in the electronic music scene.