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Laura Mercier


8.4B+ Views
1.4M+ Views

French/American cosmetics company Laura Mercier launched their first TikTok campaign – #readySETgo, a massively successful marketing endeavor of their patented Setting Powder. Featuring contributions from singer/songwriter Lauren Vogel, 411 was able to produce a catchy hit that perfectly captured the spirit of the campaign and moved the market! 

How we did it?

  • Negotiation
  • Composer, Singer, Producer Casting
  • Recording Session 
  • Demo Version Approval 
  • Final Mix Delivery
2.5K user-generated TikTok videos with the #readySETgo sound!


Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back

Score project. TV Series on FOX

411’s music team worked around the clock to score every episode of every season of FOX’s 24 Hours To Hell And Back. We also wrote custom promo songs for the network as well as the theme music. In 24 Hours, Gordon goes undercover into restaurants in desperate need of rehab and only has 24 hours to do it.

Fun Fact: Gordon is no stranger to confrontation. To match his energy on screen, 411’s composing teams used pots and pans as rhythmic sections in place of drums as Gordon walks through the kitchens. Since he only has 24 hours to redo an entire restaurant, we wrote the score at 60 and 120 BPM to match the constantly ticking clock in the background.


Man with A Van

Theme music. TV Series on Discovery

This Investigation Discovery true crime documentary series is focused on cases involving van drivers using their vehicles to help them commit heinous crimes. We learn how vans play a crucial part in identifying the perpetrators. This show needed an equally horrifying musical theme to accompany the serious subject matter. Our Horror/Orchestral cue eerily builds to a screeching halt when you see the van lights and graphic come on screen. Check out the show on Discovery ID, Discovery Plus, or Amazon.

Songwriting Camps

We regularly host songwriting camps to create new and original music for our clients. It’s the most effective way to create tailored, one-of-a-kind songs that bridge global brands & networks with our hit writers, producers and artists under one roof.

Holiday Camp

Location: Remote

411’s recent Holiday Songwriting Camp brought together the creative energy of 16 incredible artists, singers, songwriters, and producers!


Location: Remote

Our first-ever LGBTQ+ Songwriting Camp took place in March 2021 and we couldn’t be prouder of our iconic artists and writers.

The Light and Dark: London

Location: London, United Kingdom

The project is a 17 track collection of collaborative works based on the concept of “light” and “dark” and how the two ideas can co-exist. Conceptualized by 411 Music Group’s CEO, Kristen Agee, she not only produced the project but also wrote and collaborated on several of the tracks.