Cre8v Media: Mega. On The 5 Choices, Synesthesia and Where Music Is Headed

It’s another sweltering hot Summer afternoon in LA, the heat is radiating off the pavement in waves. The famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine is its typical crowded mess of tourists and impatient cars waiting for the split second they can make a left hand turn. Amidst the madness of this legendary location lies an inspiring oasis of Cre8v Space, a new recording studio, artist den and headquarters for Cre8v Media Group.

Cre8v Space Logo

Get Down With The Get Down by Add-2 (Cre8v Media)

Upon getting buzzed in I am greeted by Dana “Mega.” Everett, the man behind the sounds of Cre8v Media Group and a ringleader of sorts. His laid back and polite demeanor is merely an exterior to a depth of creative energy. After navigating a maze of dimly lit hallways, we enter a big and bright open space with a sound console and spacious control room with music and artists buzzing around the room.


Dana “Mega.” Everett and Andrew “Beat Jesus” Rose

Mega. seems to be a magnet for talent, the studio gets its name because “it’s a creative space where you can think outside of the box.” Here’s a glimpse inside Mega. and Cre8v media:

What was the first album you “wore out” from playing it on repeat?

ATLiens was the first album I wore the phuck out!! It’s also still my favorite album to date, with Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” coming in at a close second! lol.. I’m picky as hell with my music choices.

Nothin’ wrong with being picky! When did you realize you wanted to devote your career to music? 

I have always been dedicated to having a career in music. It always inspired me, I receive music different than a lot of people. I have a condition called synesthesia. It’s where one sense activates another. I see music.

Wow, that’s cool!  What color tends to show up when your favorite songs are playing?

It’s a combination of colors. I see color scenes. They move based on the feeling of the music. I see the shape and color of the different sounds. It gets kinda trippy. Lol. It’s kinda like a painting. A work of art. I like music with dark space in them. You have to be very creative on those types of tracks. Like Lorde’s “Royals” is one of fav tracks, and I see a lot of dark space. It’s very creative.

How did Cre8v come to life?

Well, I have been in the industry for about 11 years. I was always a creative one, and I know so many creative people, so I decided to think outside the box, put my big boy pants on and start my own company. We do a lot of different creative things.

Cre8v Space 1

Freedom Rider by AM (Cre8v Media)

Dummies by JDP (Cre8v Media)

What was the most significant thing you have learned in music so far? 

I’ve learned to not overthink it. Period. Put enough thought in it, to make it make sense, but not so much time into the thought that you end up second guessing and doubting your abilities. Also, to stay ahead of the curve. Be proactive. I’m learning how to apply “The 5 Choices.”

Sounds like great advice!  What are the “5 Choices?” 

The 5 Choices is a system that Fortune 500 companies teach their CEO’s. It’s the 5 choices to extraordinary productivity. It’s amazing! I swear by it! By Franklin Covey. You can check it out at

Where do you see music going in the future and where do you see yourself in it? 

Well, it depends on how far in the future we’re talking. In the near future, I see music losing the boundaries of genres. It’ll be all about the feel. I see it evolving to much more than just sound. In the distant future, I see it becoming an actual tangible thing. I feel it being connected to us, becoming a part of us. Saving the world! Well, at least in my twisted, dark musical.. 😉

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