Qveen Herby

“Qveen Herby is a singer, rapper, songwriter & entrepreneur. Her talents are unparalleled, with her signature sounds showcasing the multi-hyphenate bouncing between catchy, low-slung R&B vocals and rapping over 11 syllables per second. Between starting her career in platinum-selling pop duo Karmin, amassing millions of streams as Qveen Herby and launching her bespoke makeup brand, Qveen Studio, the artist otherwise known as Amy Noonan is the epitome of a self-made phenomenon. Ultimately, Qveen Herby aims to empower her fans, “One of the most common things I see is people being unsatisfied with their situation, and I want my music to help them change that,” she says. “I’m just trying to feed people’s egos and make them manifest whatever they want for their lives and never feel ashamed to be fabulous—like I learned to do.”