Sarah DiMuzio (Whim) started writing music at the age of 14 when she impulsively purchased her first ukulele. She taught herself the instrument in about a week and immediately began writing songs.

At age 16 she formed a band with her sister called “She & Her Sister” and released a full-length album (2012) and a five-song EP (2014) under that name. Whim branched out as a solo artist starting in early 2014 with the release of “Small Infinity – EP,” a collection of four simple guitar + vocal songs.

She has since written and recorded music for the indie film The Funeral Guest which she has released as a four-song EP.


  • ‘Small Infinity’ in Shifting Gears (film)
  • ‘Small Infinity’ in New Girl, episode 6
  • ‘Small Infinity’ in MTV Catfish, episode 611
  • ‘Okay’ in Cold Justice episode 408‘Okay’ in Luvbeats
  • ‘Beating Around the Bush’ in Luvbeats
  • ‘Beating Around the Bush’ in Until the Wedding, episode 101
  • ‘Empty Heart’ in Catfish, episode 717