The Redland

Hailing from the the red lands of Louisiana and Oklahoma, The Redland represents much more than a geographical location. It’s a novel idea that represents a new paradigm in music. A movement born out of the musical grassroots. The Redland is a state of mind. A word that describes music that is not just heard but felt deep in the soul. Wow! Are they Hip Hop? Damn right. These alternative hip hop and R&B artists’ music is reminiscent of an era when the art form of hip hop was real.

They portray a natural and honest reflection of life with their prolific lyrics. They avoid the commercialization that characterizes and dilutes the sounds of today. The Redland is a movement that is ushering in the little heard and often ignored voices of change. The voices and lyrics in this instance are Earvin and Kose.

Former Morehouse College students who left school and responded to the pull, the desire, and the passion to create music that would fill the soul while keeping our heads bobbing. They have a deep appreciation of the works of hip-hop revolutionaries from the past. The Redland sound extends through hip-hop boundaries. Their message and musical style have wide appeal. Earvin Legend and Kose are ready to lead the next hip-hop revolution. There is no delay. Jump on the bandwagon today.