The Number Line

Formed in Toronto as a musical collaboration of vocalist Piper Davis and studio brothers The Shivers, the project arose out of a shared affection for collage, synths, soul & noise. Piper, originally from Vancouver, had been writing, recording and self-producing for years under her own name when serendipitously one of her demos landed in the hands of the brothers with “producing” instructions.

With little to go on, aside from their shared “industry” connection they began deconstructing her pop sensibilities down to her soulful delivery in hopes of building the song back up with amorphous threads of detuned guitars, broken synths, piercing drum machines and percussion. With dancefloor pulses, wobbly synths, and deep bass, they found a common ground from which The Number Line was born.

Soulful vocals paired with pop-synthétique aesthetics make The Number Line is a gem hidden in Toronto. As a new project between Piper Davis and SHVRS, The Number Line is the perfect combination of dark and experimental pop mixed with strong vocals that cause hypnotizing tendencies. -AFTR DRK BLOG When Piper Davis met the Shiver Brothers (SHVRS) sparks must have gone off.


  • ‘Run Run’ in Motherland: Fort Salem, episode 1002
  • ‘Run Run’ in Slutever, episode 202