The Beautybag

A concept album artfully arranged in electro-pop’s key, from folk to dub-electro-dancy fun sounds, from soul to R&B & hip-hop mixed with eclectic effects held together by complex syncopated beats.

Overview designed and expertly mixed with an impressive work of ‘electronic packaging’ masterfully done in California by a fresh team, an eccentric project, a musical detour that is good as a detox therapy.

The lead single called “non-stop beating” written by Peter Daily & Gunslunglow is the excitement of a love pumping pure adrenaline on an on-stop beating heart. Feelings that lead to high altitude and which, once returned to the Planet Hollywood, with a simple beat, they go back wonderfully out of control like a roller coaster riding off the rails.


  • ‘Ain’t The One You Had In Mind’ in Virgin River, episode 109