Small Forward

Small Forward’s early beginnings can be traced to Occidental College where Michael Stevenson and Rounak Maiti experimented with home recording.

Later joined by Campbell Scott and Nick Waldram, their debut album The Moon You Stand On was the result of shared living quarters and a love of 60s and 70s rock and folk music. Their sound blends a modern indie pop sensibility with poignant songwriting that harkens back to the likes of George Harrison and Harry Nilsson.


  • ‘Afternoon Takeoff’ in Blacklist, episode 502
  • ‘Afternoon Takeoff’ in Trinkets, episode 102
  • ‘Afternoon Takeoff’ in Virgin River, episode 107
  • ‘Don’t Kill The Streetlights’ in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, episode 5014
  • ‘Rides’ in Ralph Lauren Ad
  • ‘Delicate Days’ in Whistle of Wilderness