Across three albums, Lorenz Niederer has invented new sound forests as SILENTBASS. Initially inspired by magical light tones, the bassist now likes to create his atmospheres a bit darker and more electronically. The world turns in a circle, humanity too. “Circle”, the 4th studio album of the St.Gallen-based artist, explores this theme.

This can be felt in many ways, from the composition, which allows you to spiral deeper and deeper; the electronic elements, which look like small bright spots, placed in the Universe; up to the mighty force of the bass, which lingers in the ear canal. With Alessandro Cappilli, an atmosphere of pulsating energy and raging beats emerged during the songwriting and recording process.

“Bass and drums – an exciting combination but also a challenge to create a full and consistent sound,” says Cappilli. With the background of Stoner Rock band Pariah, Niederer brings additional power, energy and structure into the melodies of SILENTBASS. Together, they create a perfectly self-contained world of sound, which is visually supported by null.kelvin and powerfully performed.