She Killed in Ecstasy

Fronted by female vocalist Shana Montanez, Chicago-based trio “She Killed In Ecstasy” (S.K.I.E.) delivers a haunting amalgam of Massive Attack trip-hop meets Lana del Rey Vibes.

A modern-day Portishead, the trio came together in 2017 when Producer/Synth Risk had the idea to create a new sound by delving into the past and taking elements of trip-hop, electronica, hip-hop, and rock. Inspired by femme fatale, film noir, & horror, he asked childhood friend Shana to come on as the voice of the project and brought on guitarist Griffin Crowder.

Using dark, John Carpenter-esque, synth-driven tracks, soft melodic vocals, and rocky guitar riffs, SKIE creates a soundtrack-like, cinematic tapestry of sound. The band just celebrated the release of their debut EP “The Fatal” which has garnered attention and airplay from 101.1 FM WKQXChicago Veejay James Von Osdol, who states “It’s trip-hoppy, it’s rock, it’s all kind of good…”