Sisters by birth and collaborators by choice, singer-songwriter duo Sestra craft poetic lyrics and deliver them straight to the heart. Their harmonies are reminiscent of First Aid Kit, with melodies that take you back to the Joni Mitchell era.

Derived from their Ukrainian heritage, their stage name translates to “sister”, reinforcing their emphasis on family connection and shared passions.

Sestra curated their best songs from dozens of their living-room-penned jams and released them one at a time. Produced by Max Allyn at The Outpost Recording Studio, you can find their latest album Homespun on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube. Their song, Take My Heart was featured on NBC’s This Is Us promo for Season 2 Episode 9.


  • ‘God Forbid’ in Iowa Governor’s Race
  • ‘Take My Heart’ in Hello Goodbye (Ep. 306)
  • ‘God Forbid’ in Georgetown Post Ad
  • ‘Take My Heart’ in This Is Us (Promo), NBC
  • ‘Time To Run’ in Cold Justice (Oxygen) Ep. 503
  • ‘Let’s Get Married’ in Teen Mom 2
  • ‘Honey Don’t’ in Teen Mom 2
  • ‘Time To Wake Up’ in Teen Mom 2
  • ‘Take My Heart’ in Teen Mom 2