Saint Cecilia

A song-filled life is not so much a choice but a destiny embraced by Los Angeles singer/songwriter Cecilia Enriquez, aka Saint Cecilia; a calling with deep, familial roots. Her mother knew, even as a young girl in La Piedad, Mexico, that she would name her future daughter for the patroness of music. She watched her choir director godfather publicly display a large portrait of the martyred saint on dia de Santa Cecilia each year.

Now, that same painting that was carried through the streets of Mexico by trios, mariachi and other artists hangs in the studio loft of Enriquez; a symbolic backdrop, as the raven-haired musician channels melodies and harmonies under the holy moniker. Saint Cecilia’s pop arias are layered with intricate vocal harmonies, sustained by lively Wurlitzer and Rhodes, jangly guitar and a colorful interplay of drums and bass guitar. Her compositions are immediate and infectious, but deceptively so; bright and sunny moments give way to darker qualities, similar to the creator herself. A dreamy, breezy soul, Saint Cecilia is an intuitive songwriter and seer, and her music bears witness to the past, present and, somehow, the future.

With the debut record, Entrance, Saint Cecilia joins the upper echelon of songsmiths. Her music reflects the great pop sensibilities of the 60s, 70s and beyond, but there is no time for Saint Cecilia like the present. There is no one quite like her.


  • ‘We Know Us’ in NBC’s Sunnyside, episode 2