Ron Gamache

Lives: Boston, New York

Ron Gamache has managed to keep two plates spinning in the air for most of his career. He has been both a successful musician/composer and an advertising copywriter. On the music side, he has written for CBS Sunday Morning, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Cinemax, ESPN, PBS, Oxygen, Bad Girls Club, Lifetime, HGTV, numerous radio spots, videos, and TV commercials. He’s also had international credits in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, and the UK.

As a Boston-based copywriter, Ron has written for major brands such as Verizon, British Airways, Gillette, Mobil Oil, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Because of his background and experience in advertising, Ron brings a unique perspective to his music. Having spent so much time thinking and writing about brands and products gives him the ability to approach developing cues the same way —analyzing the message and targeting the audience. After all, the objective in each case is the same: predispose someone favorably toward your brand, your promise, your message, whether you’re writing a headline or a bass line.

For Ron, the copywriter/composer connection helps him better understand the way music affects the visual message. His approach to music employs dynamics that call attention to the meaning and message as the music makes an emotional connection with the audience.


  • “Sunday Morning” – TV Series (CBS)
  • “Chrisley Knows Best” – Reality TV (USA Network)
  • “Homestead Rescue” – TV Series (Discovery)
  • “American Greed” – TV Series (CNBC)
  • “Late Late Show James Corden” – TV Series (CBS)
  • “Catfish” – TV Series (MTV)
  • “A Taste of History” – TV Series (PBS)
  • “Bad Girls Club” – TV Series (Oxygen)
  • International credits Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, and the UK.