Ridley Victoria

Ridley Victoria is a Chicago/LA-based singer/songwriter whose sound resembles that of Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kehlani, and other female artists who demonstrate powerful vocals, demanding presence, and classy sex appeal.

Ridley started singing at the young age of four and was artistically influenced greatly by her mother, who is a jazz vocalist from Indianapolis, Indiana. After discovering her musical roots, the talented songstress then started delving into rap around the age of seventeen, beginning with jotting down short verses crammed with profound lyrics which then later developed into full-length rap songs. Ridley continued to focus mainly on rap music for a few years before once again embracing her strong vocals and unique vibrato.

Not only does Ridley sport an impressive set of pipes, she has also dipped her toes into the worlds of dancing, acting, and modeling. Ridley’s music has spanned through a few different sounds over the years, ranging from rock to gritty hip hop to pop and R&B, but she seems to have found her niche in a new wave of sexy, poppy R&B vibes with a bass-boosted trap twist.

Ridley released her very first project, Double Tongue, in April of 2016, a 7-track EP with a modern, poppy hip hop aesthetic. The singer released her debut studio album, P.O.P. (Pretty on Purpose), to the public on June 23rd, 2017. The 10-track pop record includes a few of Ridley’s biggest hits to date, such as Never Stop and Y.G.M.F.U.