Research Material

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson once wrote something to this effect: The people like Jack Kennedy because they like the idea of having someone in charge who can drink whiskey by the White House pool with beautiful movie stars, but still trust to make the tough decisions at midnight. Research Material is Jack Kennedy.

Research Material takes the art of writing pop songs very seriously. As a band, they strive to impart performances that amalgamate into the perfect wall of sound. Their rich lyrics and catchy sing-along choruses provide tunes fill the void in today’s pop landscape.

They just finished their first EP with producer Mike Daly (Plain White T’s, Hey Monday). They are now playing shows in the LA area. The future is wide open and extremely promising.


  • ‘I’ll Get You Out Of It’ in Central Pacific Bank Ads
  • ‘The Island Calls’ in Leavey (film)
  • ‘Shade Of The Palm’ in Leavey (film)
  • ‘Just The Radio’ in Abby’s, episode 1002
  • ‘Sandlot Daze’ in Shameless
  • ‘Don’t Dillydally Around’ for FM Global
  • ‘Don’t Dillydally Around’ for advertisements
  • ‘Don’t Dillydally Around’ in Living Fresh Bibb Lettuce
  • ‘One More Time’ in Klassefesten3/Dåben (film)
  • ‘You’ll Never Be Alone’ in Teenage Newlyweds (promo)
  • ‘Day Of The Sun’ in Abby’s, episode 1004
  • ‘Hey Hey There’ for advertisements
  • ‘Now We Know’ in Rubio’s C3 Radio
  • ‘Take A Shot’ in McDonalds Advertisment