RA Music

Writer & Producer Duo

Genre: Pop, R&B, Funk, Dance, Production/Film Score

Born: Latvia
Lives: Riga (Latvia) ; New York (USA)

RA Music is a team of diligent music lovers and enthusiasts who make incredibly creative music for filmmakers and forward-thinking brands. From energetic anthems to dreamy vibrations, RA Music will create a soundscape for your story.

RA Music consists of founder, composer and producer Reinis Asmanis (Reiny), who started his career as a jazz big band drummer, cultivating a highly skilled approach to music, and singer, composer Eliza Asmane (EZIA), whose musical journey also started in the jazz field and has expanded into countless projects and collaborations with notable artists and companies.

After years of traveling and working on a wide range of projects with brands such as Nintendo, Coach, Microsoft, Oreo, and Chime to name a few, RA Music has proved to be professional and diverse, bringing fresh and high-quality sound to the table.