In the spring of 2015, four friends from various passed projects all got together in their rehearsal space known as the mothership – to conceive a fresh and exciting catalog of songs. With the focus heavily on the sonic celestial meanderings of the galaxy and good pizza – Scott Watson (Guitar/Lead Vocal), Mike McGill (Bass/Vocal), Salvatore Romano (Drums), and Tiffin Roley (Guitar) had birthed a beautiful sonic baby called Prints…

Featuring Scott (previously of Hotel River, Vibeslayer and Hall of Fame), Mike (previously of Vhs or Beta, Lyra, Snake Versus Wizard, We Were Indians and currently Lena Fayre), Sal (previously of Postal, Lyra, The Iris Code, IO Echo, and currently Dead Honcho, Psychic Love) and Tiffin (previously of Born As Ghosts, The Zodiac Party, Fredalba, Hall Of Fame, Vibeslayer and currently Cataline) With collective influences ranging from early Roxy Music, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Pixies, and Pavement.

After years of friendship and many debaucherous Los Angeles California nights, the four had mentioned this being something of an ah-ha moment when Mike brought up wanting to start a project together called Prints… And so they go, off into the future – to illuminate your ears and chill your beers. Currently working on a new 5 Song EP to be recorded November 2015 for early release of 2016


  • ‘Ask The Dust’ in Sunnyside, episode 1007
  • ‘The Seventh Seal’ in Sunnyside, episode 1007
  • ‘Room Service’ in Sunnyside, episode 1011
  • ‘Limbo’ in Sunnyside, episode 1011
  • ‘I’m A Wolf’ in CBS’ Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, episode 16
  • ‘Ship In A Bottle’ in CBS’ American Goth, episode 4
  • ‘The Seventh Seal’ in Madam Secretary, episode 59
  • ‘The Seventh Seal’ in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, episode 6