PLAYCES is a collaboration between Aaron Rays and AX UX, two friends in travel. Each exploring new forms of creativity, PLAYCES was called to tune as a result of temporary inhabitance. Aaron is a producer/multi-instrumentalist from California’s Bay Area, who’s been playing drums since the age of 4.

The mysterious singer/songwriter AX UX from Brooklyn, wants the focus to stay on the music, avoiding social media religiously. On the ‘Explorer’ EP, they’ve come together to combine their deep love of bass, soul, future, and house music, resulting in an eclectic mix of shimmering synths, thumping drums and soulful vocals, enveloping warped atmospheres. ‘Explorer’ also features a couple of remixes from familiar names in electronic and dance music.

One from Infinity Pool Recordings label founder Conrad Clifton, and one from Red Bull Music Academy alum Astrolith, who boasts remixes for Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors and Cakes Da Killa. This is music that fits equally on a festival sound system, or on headphones during a rainy train ride through an unfamiliar country.