Orion Shoals

Los Angeles-based indie-rock band Orion Shoals have recently released their latest intense track, Time and Space. This raw and authentic duo have already crafted three unforgettable singles, including the predecessors Alone and I Still Try 
Refusing to be contained within the limits of one genre or another, Orion Shoals are breathing fresh new life into the Americana scene.

Incorporating their own distinct indie-rock stylings into their sound, the transformative Time and Space already setting them out from the crowd. With rich vocals, progressive instrumentation and delicate synths, this timeless anthem will captivate the heart of all its listeners.

Consisting of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Joe Olney and producer Floyd Kellogg, bassist in Andy Frasco & the U.N., all three of their tracks were recorded at Kellogg’s resident community studio, Nantucket Community Music Center. Taking their inspiration from a range of artists, including Father John Misty , Lord Huron and The War On Drugs , this talented team are hoping to convey their own eccentricities within the boundaries of their sonic creations.