Nikki Hayes

Originally from Chicago, Nikki Hayes has a natural ability to cross over to any genre of music and is a vocal force to be reckoned with. Nikki is heavily influenced by the 90s and old school music; the nostalgic feeling is something that’s always resonated with her.

Her new single “Move” has a mellow R&B vibe with a simple guitar rhythm that is overlay by lush vocals and harmonies, while the lyrics describe love as a strange and paralyzing force.


  • ‘Together’ in “Sistas”, episode 101
  • ‘Together’ in “Claws” (2019 – 2020 Season)
  • ‘More’ in “Sistas”, episode 124
  • ‘Move’ in “All American” (2018 – 2019 Season)
  • ‘Move’ in “For Life”, episode 102
  • ‘Together’ in “The Kings of Napa”, episode 102