Matthew Morse

Matthew draws his roots from Portland, Maine but is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and ventured to Los Angeles soon after graduation to pursue an acting career. He quickly realized acting was not for him and became involved in songwriting and playing music. After a short move back to Maine, Matthew decided to return to Los Angeles, but this time with no real agenda. A good friend opened his couch and home for Matthew to stay until he figured out his plans –a stay that extended to fourteen months.

In those months, Matthew began writing music with the chords his father taught him when he was young and then began recording the songs on his computer. Soon after, his songs began to improve and Matthew was pushed to perform at an open mic event and at a coffee shop on Sunset Blvd. Surprisingly, his inexperience and nerves got the better of him during his performance and Matthew vowed to never perform again. His friend urged him to give it one more try, thus Matthew performed at one more open mic at El Cid on Sunset and from there was approached by the promoter to play full shows, which required him to write more and more songs.

For the past two and a half years Matthew has been playing at LA venues including El Cid, Pig ‘n Whistle, The Foundry, Green Door, Fais Do-Do, The House of Blues, and every Thursday at The Piano Bar in Hollywood.


  • ‘Gold’ in Sunnyside, episode 1005