Mark Yaeger

Born: Chicago, Illinois
Lives: Los Angeles, California

As a film and classical composer residing in Los Angeles, Mark Yaeger has composed, arranged, orchestrated, performed on, and produced the music to over 40 Hollywood and independent films, video game franchise films, as well as countless live concerts, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics closing ceremonies, and live spectacles and amusement park attractions in Macau, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

Mark spent 10 years composing with Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, Le Petit Nicolas, etc.), and was in charge of much of the composing and project management on many American and notable French films. He has frequently collaborated with the London Metropolitan Orchestra, recording many film scores at Abbey Road and AIR studios in London, as well as the China National Symphony. Recently, Mark has formed collaborative relationships with world-renowned soloists including cellist Gautier Capuçon, pianist Lang Lang, and many ethnic Chinese and Middle Eastern soloists.

By merging his love for raw classical sensibilities, and the avant-garde, his compositional style is unique to him, always evolving, and is always serving the story-telling and imaginative emotional power of music, by painting unseen landscapes. Mark currently resides and works in Los Angeles, and also has a workspace in Paris..


  • “Far Cry 5:  Inside Eden’s Gate”  –  Film  (Ubisoft/Legendary Pictures)
  • “Queen of the Desert”  –  Film  (Werner Herzog/Benaroya Pictures)
  • “Shanghai”  –  Film  (The Weinstein Company)
  • “Dead Draw”  –  Film  (Rocket 3 Productions)
  • “Lilly the Witch:  The Journey to Mandolan”  –  Film  (Walt Disney Studios)
  • “La Pere Noel”  –  Film  (QUAD Films)
  • “L’Arnacouer”  –  Film  (Universal Pictures/Focus Features)
  • “Pour Elle”  –  Film  (Wild Bunch)
  • “Le Petit Nicolas”  –  Film  (Wild Bunch)
  • “Yoko”  –  Film  (Blue Eyes Fiction/Columbia Pictures)