Markus Schmidt

Born: Paris, France
Lives: Paris, France

Markus Schmidt is an award-winning music composer, with over 15 years of professional experience in soundtrack production, including over 100 video game projects, various movie trailers, worldwide TV licensing, and song arrangements for international artists (see full credits).

While his music has been performed by national orchestras, Markus is himself a multi-instrumentalist and enjoys recording instrument parts himself. Markus also specializes in experimental sound design and unique sound creations, using unusual source sounds such as ice breakers or fishbowls which he records on his studio near Paris.


  • “Chronicles of Narnia”  –  Trailer  (Walt Disney)
  • “Game of Thrones”  –  Trailer  (HBO)
  • “Doctor Sleep”  –  Trailer  (Warner Brothers)
  • “Jurassic World”  –  Trailer  (Universal Pictures)
  • “White Princess”  –  Trailer  (Starz)
  • “Winchester”  –  Trailer  (Lionsgate)
  • “HALO”  –  Video Game  (Xbox Studios)
  • “Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe”  –  Video Game  (Midway)
  • “The Surge”  –  Video Game  (Focus Home Interactive)  
  • “Call of Cthulhu”  –  Video Game  (Focus Home Interactive)