Mari Sainio

Born: Finland
Lives: Finland

Mari Sainio is a Finnish composer who works in different types of classical music and movie projects around the world. She combines classical music elements with cinematic melodies and electronic soundscapes with what could be termed a ‘post-rock pathos’.


Sainio has been busy as a composer since 2010 composing music for different types of classical ensembles as well as film, theatre and opera stages. Commissions include projects with Finnish broadcasting company YLE, Icelandic production company NyArk Media, Side Stories and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic. Sainio’s works have been performed in prestigious venues such as, The National Gallery (London), Music House (Helsinki) and the Victoria and Albert Museum (London).


In the summer 2017 her debut EP, Tales, was released to critical and popular acclaim on the Finnish Ranka Kustannus label followed by her debut album Minus 25. Her second album Archipelago Stories will be released in spring 2022. Alba Records will release a recording of her opera The Raven also in 2022.


  • Four O’clock Flowers – Feature Film (UK), 2022
  • When The Night Falls – Dance Film (Finland), 2022
  • To Be Destroyed –  Documentary Short (UK), 2014
  • Betur sjá augu (See No Evil) – Silent Film (Iceland), 2021
  • Waste vol. 1 and vol. 4 – Documentary (Finland), 2020
  • Siirin eriskummallinen elämä (Siiri’s Extraordinary life) – Documentary Short (Finland), 2020
  • Soitonopettaja (The Cello Teacher) – TV Movie Documentary (Finland), 2019
  • Umskipti (Turn) – Psychological Thriller (Iceland), 2018