Little Bugger

Little Bugger is a project by Salvatore Joseph Romano. After spending years behind the drums for various artists and bands, he began writing his own music under the pseudonym, Sad Pengu, which later turned into his imprint label, Sad Pengu Music. Mainly drawn to the acoustic guitar for inspiration, spending many sleepless nights experimenting with various melodies floating in his head, he decided to start recording everything that came out.

The ’90s being a big influence musically, he embarked on a journey of musical and emotional exploration which birthed many songs, some that have never seen the light of day until now. EP1 is a look inside of an angsty, heartbroken young man, still searching for answers to what love and life is all about. EP 2 shows a sensitive side of dealing with life’s challenges and personal battles. The songs are little stories told from one friend to another. “Writing music is a view into my thoughts and emotions. I find it’s my best form of communication, sometimes, the only way I know how.” – Salvatore Romano


  • ‘Down Low’ in Nancy Drew episode 32, CBS