Juan Covarrubias

Born: Santiago, Chile
Lives: Los Angeles, California

Juan is a 40 year old composer/producer from Santiago, Chile living in Los Angeles since 2009. In 2000, he left his hometown to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where he was granted a scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2003 with a Dual Major in Jazz Composition and Music Production. After graduating, he moved to Puerto Rico where he spent 6 years producing and performing with different artists such as Daddy Yankee, Vivanativa, and Tego Calderón.

In 2009, he decided to move to Los Angeles where he started writing music for TV, movies, and advertisement. He has written music for various TV networks (Bravo, E! Entertainment, Sci-Fi, Telemundo, Discovery Channel, CBS, Fox, BBC) and worked with numerous ad agencies with clients such as Ford, Kellogg’s, Allstate and Campbell’s. He also has worked as a record producer for many artists and scored various films in the last couple of years.


  • “La Granja”  –  Feature Film 
  • “Huellas”  –  Short Film
  • “Bubble”  –  Short Film
  • “Sweetheart”  –  Film
  • “The Losers”  –  Film
  • Paulina Rubio  –  Production
  • Daddy Yankee  –  Production
  • Draco Rosa  –  Production
  • Kinski Gallo  –  Production
  • Chango Menas  –  Production