Joey Larsé

Originally from Montreuil and now based in Bordeaux, it is in the south that Joey Larsé shapes his artistic identity. Strong potential of the rap scene, he imposes title after title as one of the most promising artists of his generation. Creating and setting no limits seem to be his mentors.


After having digested these inspirations, both old and current, he becomes one with his art, so we dive into the rather particular universe of an artist with impeccable mastery, both in terms of voice than a feather. We have the impression of being comfortably installed in a Mercedes of collection the time of a night, for a ride in the streets of the Sleeping Beauty.


At the same time, he forged a stage experience by presenting his essays all over France. Aware of the potential of his product as well as the striking force of live, Larsé surrounds himself with the cream of Bordeaux producers. He first meets YEPES, with whom he has been working for 3 and a half years. Then more recently Plae Casi, keyboardist with pure talent who lets glimpse a touch of roundness and harmony on the cold and deep electronic elements of YEPES productions. Three ganaches, three sensibilities, three different but equally complementary universes with the aim of common to develop their own musical color, paying particular attention to ensuring that their creation is timeless.