Joel Brandon


Born: Annapolis, MD
Lives: Annapolis, MD

Joel Brandon is a professional composer, pianist, and singer who has had music placed on CBS, The Discovery Channel, international film and TV, and has recently scored the award-winning feature documentaries From Liberty to Captivity and The Last Apostle, both available on Amazon Prime Video.

He has scored a myriad of short films, as well as theater and concert works, and he holds a Master of Music in Media Writing and Production from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, one of the nation’s top music schools. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition/Vocal Performance from Messiah College.




  • “From Liberty to Captivity” – Documentary
  • “The Last Apostle” – Documentary
  • CBS Promo – “Hope Triumphs”
  • “Deadly Women” – Discovery Channel
  • “Labor of Love” – Canadian Film
  • “Mireille Darc, La Femme Libre” – French Film
  • “Science Des Forces De La Natur” – French TV Show
  • “Aandenes Makt”- Norweigen Film
  • “Federal Matters” – Bankrupting America, Comedy, Webseries
  • “My Husband Thinks He’s a Unicorn” – Comedy
  • “Beard Guy” – Comedy
  • and many more!