Jared Taylor

Lives: Nashville, Tennessee

Composer, producer, & music director JARED CHANCE TAYLOR draws inspiration from a vast repository of music’s definition to create raw, potent, and meaningful art. From ads to the narrative, Jared composes for a wide variety of mediums. He recently composed new music for a series of VICE documentaries available on Showtime in addition to the popular online educational platform, Adventure Academy. He has also written branded content for Toyota, Jaguar, NBC, CNN, FOX News, Microsoft, Gearbox Software, and Kroger.

His work has been showcased at a number of film festivals including DC Shorts Film Festival, Oaxaca Film Fest, Festival Angaelica, Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, Manifest Showcase, and Reel Stories Film Festival. Whether composing locally in Los Angeles or working closely with custom scoring houses based in locations such as London and Oslo, Jared enjoys collaborating with creatives around the world. Recent collaborators include Tim Myers, Eric Allaman, & Mikal Blue.


  • “VICE News Report:  Photo Op” (2021)  –  TV Series  (VICE)
  • “VICE Warning from Wuhan and Cuban Hostage” (2021)  –  Documentary 
  • “VICE Terror in the Sahel and Corona Crash” (2021)  –  Documentary 
  • “Keen:  The Naturalist” (2020)  –  Documentary 
  • “Deadliest Women” (2020)  –  Documentary 
  • “Rose from the Concrete” (2020)  –  Documentary 
  • “Bill Hinsch” (2020)  –  Documentary 
  • “Jane” (2020)  –  Short Film
  • “On His Own” (2019)  –  Feature Film
  • “321” (2019)  –  Short Film