Jade Josephine

Producer / Writer

Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap

Born: Detroit, MI
Lives: Norfolk, VA

There is nothing quite like the female perspective, and Jade Josephine never misses an opportunity to shine light on the dark corners of being a female in today’s society. Not always political, Jade’s flawless way of intertwining her lyrical genius with playful cadences makes for an undeniable bop.

After rapping for her family of musicians for the first time, at the age of 11, she was hooked. Splitting time between her birthplace Detroit, MI, and hometown of Virginia Beach, VA Jade, began honing her wordplay. Being heavily influenced by everyday experiences and others in the hip-hop community, she has made a point to broaden the spectrum of female lyricism.

Jade Josephine’s infectious sound and hard-hitting lyrics will transport any listener to her world. Jade decided to develop her talents and knowledge, becoming a certified audio engineer and producer. She opened for many artists and performed at music festivals such as SxSw, Something in the water, and Shaggfest, gaining the attention and contributions of award-winning producers such as Lex Luger and Nottz Raw.

After relocating to California, Jade began focusing on her career in music for TV/Film. Since then, her music has appeared in commercials, TV shows, and video games such as Koehler Queen, HBO’s Lovecraft Country, Tetris Beat, and more!