Hustle Rose

“If you loved that Prince and the time-channeling Bruno Mars song Uptown Funk, then you’ll love this burgeoning group. I’ve been straight-up obsessed with this song Make You Mine ever since hearing it a few months back and am happy to report that the band brings just as much energy to their show live.” – Andrea Swensson, MN Public Radio 89.3 The Current First Avenue darlings Hustle Rose formed at South High School in Minneapolis, MN in 2006 by singer-songwriter David Glen and bass player Chris Smith.

Their magnetic live show has led them to be a local favorite in the famed Minneapolis music scene. Through hard work and dedication, they have honed their sound and focused their creative vision. Frontman David Glen sites his love for music as helping him get through the loss of his sister from alcohol addiction as well as nursing his father back to health from the same affliction. Music is the ultimate healer!