Genre: Electronica, Pop

Born: USA
Lives: Los Angeles, California

Few EDM artists have exploded into the LA scene quite like Heretixx, a mysterious new Producer of countless musical skills. He aims to inspire others to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. To stand up for what they believe even when they’re standing alone. He believes that you should be willing to risk everything for what you believe in and his music career shows that he truly practices what he preaches.

Specializing in collaborations with countless artists, he has created an incredible portfolio of original music, remixes and features on tracks that are reminiscent of the stylings of Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Calvin Harris, and Disclosure. His depth of skill can be clearly heard in his adaptability to work with other artists and genres, with folks lining up for his signature drums and bass lines that could only be created by a real drummer.

Heretixx has a deep love for West Coast Hip-Hop and the influence can be heard in his upbeat, mixed blend tracks that bend genres, slipping between various “House” stylings that keep people moving! He was recognized by Steve Aoki as one of the best DJ’s in the country and won the chance to open for him and Jauz at Life in Color Festival 2015.
Whether it’s a virtual concert, a beachside party, or a writing session in the studio, Heretixx is a force to be reckoned with. Be sure to follow the journey as his music catalog continues to grow!