Hans Isn't Driving

Born in Texas, Alex Wilcox was originally infatuated with 90’s rock music and spent countless days copying John Frusciante’s guitar playing. During college, he visited Berlin, where his nascent interest in techno took a leap forward when he worriedly read about the club Berghain (worriedly because a person he was romantically involved with entered with “a creepy dude,” and the image of them in a dark room freaked him out).

After returning to Austin, he began learning more about electronic music production – originally wanting to make instrumentals to surround his guitar playing. He realized that Austin’s electronic scene was too small and not what he was looking for – impressed with the music industry of LA, he moved there. Once there, he continued honing his production skills – at this point constantly listening to Modeselektor, Paul Kalkbrenner, and Kanye West. In LA, he worked in the major Hollywood Studio – Chalice Recordings – where he was able to see the inner workings of pop/rap music production in the modern era. He also began assisting pop-producer Pinkslip – primarily editing and tuning vocals. He missed Berlin, and wanted to return now that his appreciation of techno had grown.

After spending several weeks in Berlin, Alex realized that while he enjoyed certain elements of pop-music and the LA underground scene, he longed for the sense of community, value system, and perspective on music that he saw in Berlin. He decided that before he moved to Berlin – he ought to visit Detroit first – he had also had an interest in the birthplace of techno for several years. Finding himself at home in Detroit, Alex decided to move there full-time and use it as a base to travel back and forth from Berlin.