Handsome Ghost

Handsome Ghost is the Massachusetts duo of Eddie Byun and Tim Noyes. Their 2014 breakout single “Blood Stutter” racked up 20 million streams, and their debut album Welcome Back followed in 2018. Their second album, Some Still Morning, will be out on Photo Finish Records on September 18, 2020.

When the noise of the world subsides and everything else goes quiet, emotions grow louder. With nothing to compete for attention and no distractions, the quietude enables honesty. Upheld by acoustic guitar, transmissions of ethereal production, and vocals that often barely register above a whisper, Handsome Ghost hover around this stillness on their 2020 second full-length album, Some Still Morning [Photo Finish Records].

The Massachusetts duo—Tim Noyes [singer, songwriter] and Eddie Byun [multi-instrumentalist, producer]—thread together eleven songs steeped in longing and nostalgia, loss and love, and darkness and light, all at once.