Garry Judd

Born: London, UK
Lives: London, UK

GARRY JUDD’s music has been played by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Courtney Pine, Leslie Howard, Finn Peters, Guy Pratt, John Etheridge and The London Community Gospel Choir to name a few.

He records his music in a state of the art 5.1 surround sound studio (soon upgrading to Dolby Atmos) and has written for over 150 film, television, radio and other media productions. His music is broadcast regularly throughout the world and is available on CD and digital download.


  • “Magic of Disney Animal Kingdom  –  TV Series  (Disney+/Nat Geo)
  • “Quiet Comes the Dawn”  –  Feature Film  (Force Media)
  • “The House Elf”  –  Feature Film  (Karoprokat)
  • “The Limelight”  –  Feature Film  (Limelight Films)
  • “Banquet Royale”  –  Short Film  (Venturafilms)
  • “The Hottest Place on Earth”  –  TV Documentary  (BBC1/Lion TV)
  • “The Last Blood Line”  –  Feature Film  (Short Features)
  • “First Class Male”  –  Short Film  (Carbon Productions)
  • “Like Comment & Subscribe”  –  Short Film  (Cinnamon Bun Productions)
  • “Tommy the Tungsten Robot”  –  Short Film  (Jasmine Allen Productions)