Frankie And The Giants

Often as beautiful as the finished work of a musician is the journey of the artist… the collection of lives, friends, sounds, and awe-inspiring moments that catapult everyday people towards the decision to take a leap of faith. This music is Cooper Damron taking that leap. Raised in Bakersfield, a suburban farming town in Central California, Cooper grew up immersed in a hodgepodge of Buck Owens and Johnny Cash melodies.

He camped in the grandiose Sierra Nevada mountains and collected divine friendships, leading him to a reverence for the beauty, fun, and awe that God and this universe have to offer. College in Santa Barbara, California introduced Cooper to a new way of life, one fueled by finding waves to surf and working security at clubs to scrounge up enough money for rent. It was in this moment that Cooper founded his first band, Frankie and the Giants, and released its debut to a small but adoring set of fans. They perfected their instruments together, performed their first shows, and slowly…

Cooper fell in quiet love with writing songs as catharsis and sharing them with other humans who just might identify with the message. Cooper’s music is reflective of the hodgepodge that life proves itself to be. Imagine a country legend singing to a crowd of San Francisco hippies, all of whom love the sound. His sound is completely at home today, yet wonderfully reminiscent of an unidentifiable nostalgic era in California’s past. You can dance to it, laugh to it, drink to it, cry to it…. that’s California folk music and that’s Cooper Damron.