Federico Ferrandina

Born: Matera, Italy
Lives: Rome, Italy

Italian music artist: composer, songwriter, multiinstrumentalist and record producer. Born in a family of classical musicians, that heritage seemed destined to pair his irrepressible hunger for diverse musical galaxies with non-musical disciplines like literature, modern dance and sociology.

This wide constellation shaped his unique and yet multi-layered grammar of sound, where classical instruments are surrounded by contemporary soundscapes. He’s been able to team up with artists of all kinds: world music stars Yasmin Levy and Omar Faruk Tekbilek, alternative pop artists Sirsa and AZZURRA, classical and jazz orchestras, choreographers and filmmakers. He provided strings and brass arrangements for Playing For Change versions of famous classic songs featuring David Crosby, Jason Mraz and Yo-Yo Ma.

His work gained attention in the entertainment industry, and many of his compositions are currently in major movies and tv shows soundtracks, such as the multi-oscar winner Dallas Buyers Club and in Netflix and HBO films and series. He’s part of the Short Story Collective, an international group of composers dedicated to produce innovative and engaging music for theatrical marketing.


  • “Dallas Buyers Club” – Feature Film (Focus Features)
  • “The Last Paradiso” – Film (Netflix)
  • “The Big Bang Theory” – TV Series (CBS)
  • “Inside Pixar” – TV Documentary (Disney+)
  • “Royal Pains” – TV Series (USA)
  • “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” – TV Series (E!)
  • “The F Word” – TV Series (FOX)
  • “Big Love” – TV Series (HBO)
  • “The Detour” – TV Series (TBS)
  • “The Comedians” – TV Series (Sky TV)